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September 3, 2022   |   1:00 PM CST

Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center

1700 W Independence Street, Shawnee OK

100 Lots will be available for viewing Friday, September 2 after 5 PM
Auctioneer Drew Williams  |  Narrator Jason Brashear

Margie Turner 512-415-6522 or Trevor & Maddie Clemens 641-777-5921


2 Bit Boer Ranch

Windy Acres Boers

2M Boer Goats

Diamond B Boer Goats

Ash Livestock

Knox Livestock 

K2 Ranch

Bad Company Boer Goats

Dust Devil Ranch

JCKN Boer Goats

Red Head Acres

Mehlhoff Boer Goats

Stuart Show Goats

Young Boer Goats

IJ Farms