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DOB: 04-04-2022

Mouth: Correct

Class: Fullblood

Teats: 1x1

Sex: Doe

Pigment: 100%

Consignor: Sandy Ridge Boers

Full sister to lot 66 and in black! Maybe not quite as flashy as her sister but still a heck of a doe in her own right. Same things can be said about the possibilities with the pedigree then we add in that she is black to make it a little more fun at kidding time! Our last lot in the sale and not going to be lot of black Evolution daughters going forward!

Lot 102: Bred Recip-2M Boer Goats Dark KnightX 2M Painted Fancy

DOB: 6/01/2023

Class: Fullblood

Sex: Bred Recip

Consignor: 2M Boer Goats

Bred Recip with a due date of 6/1/23. The dam is 2M Boer Goats Painted Fancy (10917893)who is a direct Jim Beam daughter who has over 3300 ABGA points and counting over a daughter of Regel Lookin at Lucky who has 650 ABGA points and has been one of our best producing does.
The sire is 2M Boer Goats Dark Knight (10924109) who is our new jr black herd sire that has seen heavy service this year.  We are really excited to see this cross as we feel the opportunities are endless.




Class: Fullblood




Consignor: Tall Towers Ranch

Last Chance Loaded Recip!! I’m calling this one the you pick it we stick it lot!  Buyer will get to choose which one of these Executive Decision brothers they want to pair with one of these Smoking hot Ruger Sisters. We will take that decision into our April Flush and the buyer will get a loaded Recip at 45 days. Recip will be delivered by our Ranch or Shipped to buyers address at our expense.

GISTT Executive War Reg (10930598)
GISTT Painted By Decision Reg (10930599)- Twin Bucks  Sired ADVBG Executive Decision x OKS03 War Paint

GISTT Dirty Lemonade Reg ( 10933034)
GISTT Dipped IN Rum Reg (109330035)
Twin Sisters Sired by CSB Broken S Smokin Hot Ruger ( Ennobled) x RRD Scarlett (Ennobled)

Opportunity knocks to get some incredible genetics into your herd and trust me they work!! These 2 bucks are massively boned and incredibly powerful!! Quite possibly the best 2 bucks to ever hit the ground at our Ranch. SHR does are super feminine while maintaining the power that the RRD Patriot lines bring to the table. Do not pass this up. These genetics are incredibly hard to get a hold of and very very hard to make.


DOB: 12-26-2021

Mouth: Flared

Class: Percentage

Teats: 2x2 Well Sep

Sex: Doe

Pigment: 100%

Consignor: Bent Wheel Boer Goats

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