Sale: Saturday, September 9, 2023 at 1:00pm
Preview Friday, Sept 8 at 7:00pm

Auctioneer: Pit Kemmer
Narrator: Jason Brashear

Friday, Sept 8th at 7:00pm: Barn will be open for viewing and there will be a Facebook Live video feed of each lot on VA is for Boer Goat Lovers Facebook page.
Online bidding available through

Blue Ridge Boer Goat Breeders would like to welcome you to our annual, VA is For Boer Goat Lovers Sale, located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. We invite you to visit us at Rockingham County Fairgrounds, Harrisonburg, VA on Saturday, September 10th to view and bid on approximately 100 lots of quality Boer goats and to watch Pit Kemmer in action. We are pleased that Pit is able to join our sale again this year as auctioneer, along with Jason Brashear as our announcer.

Join us in person or online at Getting set up to bid is quick and simple, but you may want to sign up a few days in advance to save time on sale day.

Tune in to VA is for Boer Goat Lovers Facebook page at 7:00 pm Friday evening for live video of lots.

Sellers have agreed to take any of their lots home for a period of 2 weeks to allow transportation to be arranged, so don’t be afraid to bid online.

Please reach out to any of our consignors if you have specific questions about their lots or may possibly need to arrange transport.


Barbwire Boer Goats
James and Julie Barb
Timberville, VA

Bay-Car Farms
Brian and Stephanie Carter
Mount Crawford, VA

Bullwalla Farms
The Stolipher Family - Mark, Amy, Tyler, Piper & Ryder
Summit Point, WV

CBS Farm
David Feeser and Family
Taneytown, MD

Circle C Livestock
Holly and Jonathan Coleman
Staunton, VA

Double G Boer Goats
Crys and Gale Gearhart
Alexandria, PA

Dry Run Farm LLC
Derrick and Pam Conley
Elkton, VA

Elk Ridge Livestock
Tim, Rebecka, Cabell, Boone, Clayton Knotts
Phillipi, WV

Fitzwater Crosscut Farm
Chuck and Brenda Fitzwater
Oakland, MD

Ladybug Hill Farm
Chris Tolar and David Martin
Hinton, VA

Land of Grace Farm
Phil and Sharon Fullerton
Elizabethtown, PA

Locust Haven Boer Goat Farm
Lance, Donna, Corine, and Shelvin Arey
Mt Crawford, VA

M3K Boer Goats
Matt and Kelly Hetrick
Palmyra, PA

Mantodea Farm
John & Stephanie Gorman
Fulks Run, VA

Mayne Boer Goats
Ed, Tonjia, and Josh Mayne

Middle Lane Farm
Justin and Tina Via
Grottoes, VA

Oak Hill Boers
Joe, Julie, Summer Koontz
Culpepper, VA

Red Rock Acres
Lane and Cameron Reigle
Middletown, PA

Rosebuds Boers
Darby and Margaret Patterson
Kearneysville, WV

Shady Ridge Livestock
The Dodrill Family
Asbury, WV

Stillhouse Farm
Amy & Randy Batson
Brandywine, WV

Tanglewood Boer Goats
Mike and Tracey LaRue
Westminster, MD


Consignors are willing to haul goats home for a period of 2 weeks while transportation is being arranged. They can also haul and meet along their routes home. We have consignors traveling back to MD, WV, and PA. Please make contact prior to the sale if you may need one of these options.
Below is a list of livestock transporters. Please contact them directly.
Jonathan Lippert 703-595-5405(Nationwide hauling)
Tyler Sparks 937-217-1049 (loads September 10th and end of September possible options) Premier Hauling Service LLC 325-280-6277 (Planned possible route: I should be coming east from Texas to GA, up to Harrisburg PA, to Ohio, and back west to at least Nebraska, down to Texas, and then west coast loop after weekend of September9th/10th) Culver Family Farm Transportation Services, LLC (541) 760-2036
Pit & Linda Kemmer, Tennessee, 931-335-4628(Can meet on way home or hold for pick up at his farm)
David Feeser, Maryland, CBS Farm. Taneytown, MD (301 639 2055) (Can meet on way home on route)
Jason Brashear, 606-670-2712 Heading home to Cornettsville, Kentucky, Animals on load need to be like sized, can hold at farm for pick. Heading to Iowa later in month.


Sale Conducted by Auctioneer Should any dispute arise from the taking of bids, the auctioneer's decision will be final. This catalog is believed to be accurate as of the date of printing. Additions, substitutions, and deletions may be posted to any future edition of this catalog. Any future editions of this catalog will take precedence over this edition. Announcements from the ring will take precedence over the printed material in the then most current catalog.

Terms: Cash, cashier's check, traveler's check, business or personal check with a bank letter of guarantee at the time of the sale unless satisfactory credit arrangements have been made prior to the sale. Goats paid for by check will come with a copy of the ABGA papers and once the check clears our bank the original papers will be sent to the buyer. All credit card charges will have a 4% fee added. The right of the property shall not pass until after settlement is made. All settlements must be made with the clerks of the sale before any goats will be released. Credit cards accepted are, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Certificates of Registry: Registration papers will be furnished to the buyer for each animal after settlement has been made. A copy of registration is provided for goats paid for by check. All fees associated therewith are the responsibility of Buyer.

Health Certificates will be provided by each seller to the buyer for transportation.

Bucks: Should any buck seven (7) months of age or over, fail to prove a breeder after being used on does known to be breeders, the matter shall be reported to the Seller within five (5) months following date of purchase. Seller will then have the right and privilege of ninety (90) days to prove the buck a breeder. No guarantee is given that semen collected from the buck will freeze.

Does: Does are guaranteed to be breeders. In the event a female is claimed to be a non-breeder, after being bred regularly to a buck known to be a breeder and after being treated by a licensed veterinarian the matter must be reported in writing to the seller within five (5) months of sale date. Seller shall have six (6) additional months in which to prove any such females a breeder and may use any registered buck of the breed available to him. Any female returned will be at the purchaser's risk. No guarantee is given that a pregnant female will deliver live kids or that she will carry kids full term nor the kids carried will not be mummified. Seller is not responsible for damage caused by foreign bodies after the female has been sold, or for sickness not apparent at sale time.

Exception to Guarantee: In case where the animal is subject to any hormonal or surgical reproduction techniques after the sale, this guarantee is null and void.

Settlement: Transportation charges on animals returned to the Seller are for account of the purchaser. No incidental expenses such as feed, care, AI signing fees, interest, veterinary charges, etc., will be charged by either party when making settlement. If Seller is successful in proving the animal in question to be a breeder, then said animal will be reclaimed by the purchaser at his/her expense. Should the Seller fail to so prove the animal a breeder, then Buyer is guaranteed a satisfactory replacement, F.O.B. Ranch or location or origin or a refund of the actual purchase price paid F.O.B. selling point. In no event shall Seller be responsible for more than the purchase price.

Accidents: Although every precaution will be taken to protect the safety and comfort of Buyers, Sellers, and animals, neither the Sales Management, Auctioneer or Seller assumes any responsibility in this matter and disclaims any liability legal or otherwise in the event of accident or loss of property.

Rights and Obligations: The above terms and conditions of the sale shall constitute a contract between the Buyer and Seller and be equally binding to both. Resale of animals following purchase in this sale shall constitute a separate transaction and the rights and obligations of the two parties connected thereto are not covered by the terms and conditions of this sale.

NO GOATS WILL BE LOADED UNTIL THE SALE IS FINAL and a check out receipt is provided.

Rockingham County Fairgrounds
Harrisonburg, VA

Broadcast live on!

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DOB: 02-26-2021

Mouth: Correct

Class: Percentage

Teats: 2x2 

Sex: Doe

Pigment: 100%

Consignor: Bay-Car Farms

Screenshot 2023-08-30 111129

We wanted to start Lot 1 with this beautiful dappled doe. We may be crazy for letting this one go. She is straight out of our keeper pen and is a beautiful 2 year old. She kidded twins this year for us and has that great maternal instinct. She is level topped, big boned, and wide throughout. She is show correct and ready to go in the ring for you. She sells exposed to Reg #10772387 East Heritage Armed Suspect, a direct son of Moonslinger.


DOB: 12-06-2021

Mouth: Correct

Class: Fullblood

Teats: 1+1 with NF

Sex: Doe

Pigment: 75%

Consignor: Land of Grace Farm

We are starting the sale with a very large bodied brood type doe.  A yearling doe again out of highly reproductive lines on the dam side.  You don’t find many RDO4 WTW Dixie Mudcat daughters out there.  ON the bottom side she is all RM genetics going back to Burger via being an RM Cruiser's sister,  grand daughter (RM 1403).  Her pigment is about 90% by our observation.  She has a deep hip and powerful front to connect the goat at the ends.   She should be ready to start producing for you and is open and reproductively un-touched.


DOB: 01-23-2023

Mouth: Correct

Class: Percentage

Teats: 2X2

Sex: Doe

Pigment: 100%

Consignor: Middle Lane Farm

Here’s a neat little percentage doe that could help a program with the goal to play both sides of the goat industry. Sired by our wether buck from S&K Livestock in Texas, her registered dam is a granddaughter of Fullproof and found quite a bit of success in the market show ring. This gal tracks out well, is wide topped and ties in nicely through her front third.  .


DOB: 02-19-2023

Mouth: Correct

Class: Fullblood

Teats: 1×1 clean

Sex: Doe

Pigment: 100%

Consignor: Tanglewood Boer Goats

This flashy little doe is just asking to be toted around to some shows! She’s blown apart from her chest floor all the way back to her rear. She’s level topped, level hipped, and is all painted up to add some flash to your pasture. Her mom has had great success in the show ring and her sire is the great Johnny Walker Red *Ennobled*.


DOB: 03-29-2022

Mouth: Correct

Class: Fullblood

Teats: 2x2 w/spur

Sex: Doe

Pigment: 100%

Consignor: Double G Boer Goats

Melinda is a show correct fullblood doe with a tight bite, full pigment, and 2x2 teats (they are more than 50% split and one has a spur – see photos).  Melinda is an upfronted and naturally well-muscled doe who is wide from front to back.  Her topline is long and level extending back to a wide hip.  Melinda sells exposed to NQAR Folsom (ABGA# 10875876). Melinda is reproductively untouched prior to this natural breeding. CAE negative as of 8/17/23.


DOB: 01-30-2022

Mouth: Correct

Class: Fullblood

Teats: 2x2

Sex: Doe

Pigment: 100%

Consignor: Red Rock Acres

We thought we would kick our lots off with a little color and flare! ASHS Garnet would make a fine addition to any herd with her elegance and extension in the front third, combined with the tremendous capacity throughout the center portion of her body. Get up behind her and you have to appreciate the muscle she carries in the rear leg, as well as her ability to track straight and true off both ends. Take a look into the top side of her pedigree and you’ll see industry legends like SQW SAWYER’S UZI *ENNOBLED* and 2M ACE IN THE HOLE *ENNOBLED*. Garnet sells completely show correct with a good bite, full pigment, and a beautiful 2x2 teat structure.








Consignor: Fitzwater Crosscut Farm

TST1 Windy Acres Smoke Em If You Got Em,ennobled
Registration 10838811
Sire: TST1 Windy Acres Blowin Smoke, ennobled
Dam: TST1 Windy Acres Square Dancer

5 straws of flush quality semen for 5 X the money

Smoke Em’s (AKA Tommy in the barn) kids are TEARING IT UP in the show ring!  Overall Grand Champion Wether Doe at 2021 ABGA Nationals, Grand Champion Pair of Yearling Percentage Does at 2022 ABGA Nationals, class winner at 2022 Nationals, class winner at 2022 NAILE and a whole ton of other wins. His kids have absolutely killed it again this year in the ABGA/JABGA and commercial show ring for numerous farms.  The hair, bone and mass that he gives his kids is consistent. And he knocked it out of the park in our color program. Here’s your chance to get it!


DOB: 02-15-2023

Mouth: Correct

Class: Percentage

Teats: 2x2 well spaced

Sex: Doe

Pigment: 75%

Consignor: Locust Haven Boer Goat

***Buyer may choose to bring Emily back to us for a free Live-cover breeding in 2024, contact for details.***

Emily, like Sweet Dotty, LOT 93,  is another cool combination of  Bones( 50% 10865411) x Elvis(50% # 10801670) With the bottom side of both those genetics being wether genetics,  Blue Team Google Me, Blue Team Porn Star, Kelly Blindside, Bean doe genetics.
But there is one big difference in these genetics that is going to bring you more  size and growth and brings you a higher percentage doe.
Dotty comes from the Fuzzette line with  WCOR Bo-ON-Target genetics. This junior doe leans more on the side of % ABGA genetics but she could be bred to go in either direction.
Emiliy’s sire, , LHF5 Bad to the Bones *SIRE OF MERIT* (50% #10865411) sired by *ENNOBLED* 2M Trouble x Blue Team Candy has  accumulated 730 Sire of Merit points to date and still climbing.
Emily  is a feminine doe with that  high, tall neck attachment that both  industries are  appreciating flowing to clean shoulders and a level long top-line. She tracks nicely on strong correct legs.  Emily is clean 2x2 well-spaced, 80% pigment, bite is on and show correct.
Go to Locust Haven Boer Goat Facebook page to learn more details about these genetics.
***On-line bidding and in-person bidding options


DOB: 12-30-2022

Mouth: Flared

Class: Fullblood

Teats: 2x2 clean

Sex: Doe

Pigment: 100%

Consignor: Stillhouse Farm

This doe has a big top, wide loin and muscled up forearm. She is wide through that chest floor and clean fronted. Moderate in her frame. Like most What the Duck daughters, this doe that could easily play both sides of the industry depending on the kind of buck she is bred to. Her teat structure is clean, well spaced 2x2. 100% pigment, but she does have a flare to her bite.


DOB: 12-14-2021

Mouth: Correct

Class: Percentage

Teats: Correct

Sex: Doe

Pigment: 100%

Consignor: Mayne Boer Goats

We start off our lots with a percentage doe destined to produce for you. Ante Up is  a daughter of MAYNE Cash Crop *ENNOBLED*. Cash Crop made his presence known on our farm with very limited progeny before we lost him way too early. There are only a few of these Cash Crop daughters left and we don't plan on selling those anytime soon. This doe is hard muscled enough to produce some killer wethers. While having enough breed character to produce you stellar percentage show does.

Ante Up sells exposed to our young show buck MAYNE Powerball, she is programmed and will be bred on 9/5. Powerball placed 11th in his class at nationals as one of the youngest in his age group. Then went Overall Reserve Champion Buck all 3 shows at the 2023 Summer Jam. These will be the first kids to hit the ground out of Powerball. There won't be many more chances to get Powerball genetics this year. Don't miss out on seeing what this "Zoo Creature" can produce. *If for some reason this doe’s breeding doesn’t take we would be happy to bred her back to any buck on our farm.

Ante is show correct and has recently tested CAE and Johne’s Negative.

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